application of design tools

Dementia friendly guidelines

general introduction

Designing Warm Technologies for People with Dementia

This section provides tools and tips on how to apply them through presenting best practices. From the summary of deploment defining the list of requirements for evaluation of products for people with dementia living at home.


Every purchase enters in an existing system of objects and behaviors. How does your design fit in the environment, and what are the minimun requirements to make sure it works properly?


It’s easy to fall in love with beautiful things, but how much does the aestetic of your design represent the functionality and facilitate the interaction?

Privacy & Maintenance

In time of hyperconnectivity, we all want to feel safe and make sure that our personal, sensible data are protected and not trackable. How does your design integrate and communicate its safety features?


What are the features that make your design easy to use and operable by a person with dementia and their (in)formal cargivers?

Other projects & references

access useful resources to know more about the researches on design for people with dementia around the word

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