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This gallery provides a collection of examples of products designed for people with dementia. Product on the market, tested within the Interreg Certification-D project, are mixed with TU/e Industrial Design research outcomes to give an overview of the application of best practices.

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Two, Pilipili

TWO is a doorhandle that prevents people with dementia to access dangerous rooms by providing an hidden button that needs to be unblocked to use the handle.

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BBrain Family G2, BBrain BV

Digital clock connected to an agenda managed by (in)formal caregivers.

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Bologna, ToPro GmbH

Armchair with wheels and retractable system that facilitates the mobilitation of the person with dementia in the home for different daily actions ( dressing, feeding,...).

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BBrain Music Player, BBrain BV

Music player with regulable interface. This music player allows seniors and people with dementia to choose the level of control and prevents accidentally pressing the wrong button.

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safety & security | mid | late | caregiver |


Assistive device that senses and interpret through AI the movements of the person with dementia, and provides a visual feedback to the family member by regulating a light placed at the caregiver’s home.

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EasierLife HOME Smart, EasierLife GmbH

Emergency response system enhanced by sensors and AI. It triggers an alarm through intelligent evaluation of daily activities detected by the sensors at home.A voice connection with the familymembers or the emergency center is provided in case of anomalies.

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Stove Guard SGK5010, Indexa GmbH

Sensor that prevents kitchen fires. It identifies radiated heath and temperature increase on the hob, and relies an alarm sound in case of overheating. When the warning is ignored, it deactivates the stove by interrupting the power supply.

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Farm Memories Acquapaint, Relish

White sheets of cards which can be brushed with water to let pictures magically appear. Once finished, users can let the sheets dry to use them time and time again.

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late | mid | home | nursing home | caregiver | leisure |

Snoezle, Pilipili

Smart tent providing a multisensorial experience. The mobile textile shield can be mounted and placed over the head of the user, and sounds and lights can be activated by the caregiver to provide relaxing moments.

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Smartstick, cibX GmbH

A GPS walking stick with alarm and emergencycall function. It provides the user’s locationinformation and serves as a mobile homeemergency call.

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Sparckel, Sparckel

Plug-and-play biodynamic light feautiring technology that stimulates the power of natural daylight.

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Spiqle Agenda, Spiqle

A digital agenda that helps people to visualize their daily activities and receive messages from family and friends. The activities are managed through a mobile app.

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early | person with dementia | caregiver | home | enabling |

Timesteps App, Timesteps BV

Widget for mobile phones and tablet that includes a clock and an agenda for people with dementia. The content is managed by the (in)formal caregiver through the Timesteps Mantelzorg App.

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Family Newspaper, TribuNews

Printed family newspaper delivered monthly to the person with dementia. The content is collected by the family members via a smartphone app.

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late | home | nursing home | caregiver | safety & security |

Sensfloor Sensor System, Future-Shape GmbH

Thin sensor underly positioned underneath the pavement.

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Famileo, Famileo

Printed family magazine that helps older adultsstaying connected to their family & friends. Famileo is also an App in which people post theirpictures & messages for their loved one(s) to read in the printed version.

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Compaan Connect, SALOCIN BV

Tablet that facilitate the interaction with virtual environments and services ( e.g. taking pictures, making videocalls, playing games, access digital news or agenda). Applications for informal and professional care are compatible.

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safety & security | mid | early | home | person with dementia |

Kompy Pico, SafetyTracer BV

Pocket size alarm device with 4G connection.

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Ethel, Connected Care Solutions

Screen based platform that enables those whohave little or no experience of computer/tablet/smartphone to be able to receive digital healthand virtual support from care teams and families

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Remembercan, Sport&Memory

A tin can with 20 cards with memorablesportwomen, -men, and -clubs. On the back of the analog card there is a QR-code which, upon opening with a smart device, opens a video about that moment.

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A.M.I® (Assistant Mémoriel Interactif), Les Béquilles Du Cognitif

Digital application to deliver information simply and quickly by the caregiver, to the caree. AMI allows to program preventive actions and start conversations via videos, photos, audio messagesand/or written messages.

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Stimul’in, Stimul’in

Brain and social stimuling exercizes app amplifyedfrom familial pictures.

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Tante laura, Tante laura GmbH

A digital visiting bridge between the family and the elderly, displayed on a tablet. The relatives fill a permanent weekly broadcast schedule with familiar messages (photos, music, short videos, text greetings).

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